Events by Kathleen

Welcome to our event gallery! If you are a vendor please take a few minutes to review all the different events we offer, you are sure to find an event that falls in line with your passion. We offer over 40 different events to choose from. Some of our events are vendor specific, and some are by invitation only, you can request an invite to those events. Most events in our gallery use a variety of vendors, allowing more opportunities for you to participate.


Our fun "Events In The Bag" events allow vendors to bring their products, brochures, samples and business cards in their bag to sell and network, ask for details on hosting this event as a home party! Businesses that would like to host this event at their location can email us for details.


If you are a facility or would like to host your own event, we invite you to browse the events below and contact us with the one that fits your needs and we will be happy to schedule it for you. After you pick an event, we take care of all the rest. A complete team of vendors will arrive at the scheduled time with balloons and light refreshments for a fun, festive, fantastic event experience! We take all the work out of planning, organizing and promoting events, it's what we do! Our events are a great way for businesses to market to their communities, it gives customers a reason to pay you a visit. Contact us today for your next event, please request the terms of each event before scheduling. Sponsoring opportunities available.


Our Business is Booming event is designed to support all brick and mortar businesses and send new customers to their location for an event that we help plan, organize and promote. Businesses can email us for details on how to host a Business is Booming event at their location. Our goal at these events is to make sure your Business is Booming!


Ask about our money machine rental to add to your next event and make it super fun! Companies and businesses are using the money machine to add excitement and entertainment at their events, and to help draw a crowd! Contestants grab cash and prizes as others cheer them on! See a picture in the gallery below, available in select locations.

Our Goal and Mission is to provide fantastic opportunities for businesses and vendors to get in front of potential customers in their own communities, to network and grow their contact list along the way, and at the same time encourage, motivate and inspire all those they come in contact with!


Our events helps to support our contribution to foster kids by providing care packages full of goodies hand picked just for them!