Calendar of Events

Each month we work diligently with malls, shopping centers and other locations to prepare a variety of events to help businesses market their business to their communities, and help vendors attend events to showcase their product and services. We also provide over 40 different events to choose from for those who would like to host their own events. We make hosting easy by doing all the planning, organizing and promoting for you, after you pick an event, we do the rest! You can see all our events with the description of each one in the gallery. To view our planned events check the calendar below, when you see one you would like to participate in, you can register and pay the vendor fee from the calendar after you submit your business information. If you want to participate in an event by invitation only, request an invite. Check the details of each event by clicking on the question mark on each event listing before registering. There may be several events scheduled in different locations and states, be sure to include your location in all your each emails.

To receive our events before they are available to the public, ask about our Membership Perks Program! We offer a limited amount of memberships per company. Members always get first choice on all our events! If you don't see an event scheduled from our gallery that you would like to participate in, email us your name and business information and we will add you to our vendor list for future events. We are always adding new events to our calendar. Space is limited, check back often to see the latest events before they fill up. 


Please review the vendor information prior to registering. The vendor information can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page. If this is your first visit to our site, email us your business information.

Vendor Information


Vendor Events By Kathleen are hosted at different locations in the community. Vendors participating in our events should be prepared to offer the very best of their products, services, demos and giveaways! Most of our events are by invitation only, email us to request an invite. We offer two ways to participate - as a Featured Vendor with a table display or a Guest Vendor "Events In The Bag" with no table display. Guest Vendors invite at least one guest and bring their products and services in their bag ready to hand out business cards, brochures, samples, discounts, set appointments, sell product on the spot while shopping and networking to promote their business, all while supporting other businesses in their community. Guest vendors arrive and leave at their convenience during scheduled event hours. To review all the details visit our website calendar and click on the question mark in the upper left corner of each event listing to see how to participate as a Featured Vendor or a Guest Vendor. These are two great ways to promote your business! 

Vendor Advertising - We offer several ways for businesses and vendors to advertise their business. Through our events, on our website Gallery and in our Newsletter! Review all the details on how to reserve your Ad space in our Gallery by going to the Vendor Advertising tab. Our team can offer assistance with just the right design for your Ad! When you subscribe to our Newsletter you receive free advertising!

Event Plus-One applies (Event + 1) when you register as a Featured vendor. That means when you register as a Featured Vendor, you also register as a Guest Vendor for another event date. This insures that all our events will be well supported and successful!


The event flyer with the address is sent directly to vendors after registration is complete. All events are inside and vendors bring their own table set up unless otherwise stated.

Always check the question mark on each event listing in the upper left corner on the calendar for specific event details for that event. Each event is different and set up details may vary. Also, remember to check back before any event you have registered for to make sure there has not been a change due to weather or other venue changes. Any change will be posted on our calendar for that event date. 

Lead Vendors - If you would like to be a lead vendor at some of our events you can request a lead vendor role after you sign up for our Membership Perks Program on our calendar. Lead vendors receive half off vendor fees for the events they lead and they also get first choice on event space before other members. Their role at events include being the first to arrive and show others vendors where to set up. They also take pictures of the event and provide an update on the success of the event. In some cases they may be asked to visit the venue before the event to see the event space.

Refund Policy - No refunds. If an event is canceled or rescheduled vendor fees will be applied to another event. Courtesy Exchange date for all events are available for members only. To join our Membership Perks Program email us your request, memberships are $125 per year and includes one free event per calendar year.

Members always get first choice for our events before they are available to the public.

Our goal at each event is to provide a good experience for businesses, vendors as well as attendees. After you attend an event, please email us a quick 3 question survey of your event experience so we will know if that venue is a good fit for our vendors. Email your feedback - on a scale of 1-10 (10 is excellent) please rate the event venue, turnout and your networking experience. Be sure to include the event, date and location in your email.

Phone Policy - Because we want our vendors to be fully engaged in the event and not their phones, we kindly request that phones be placed on silent and put away for the duration of the event unless needed for transactions. Thank you!



Thank you for visiting Vendor Events By Kathleen, we appreciate your interest and participation in our events and hope your experience is a great one! We look forward to working with you in the near future. Until we meet again, remember that life is an event so join the fun, spread the love, be fearless and inspire others!